12 Week Healthy Living Program

Finding the best path to a
healthier & happier you

STARTING 20th May 2024

Are you sick of doing all the ‘right’ things but still not seeing results?

Have you plateaued?

Does the thought of making changes feel overwhelming?

Do you want to take back control and have the confidence to know you are make healthy choices?

Here is a program that provides you with a nutrition and mindset framework so that you can live a healthy and happy lifestyle. No more ‘diet’ or ‘all or nothing’ mentality.

We cover:


Routines & healthy habits

Inflammatory foods


Stress, hormones & weight loss/gain

Marketing tricks that are keeping us stuck

What’s included


Online via Zoom

Monday Meet-up
Thursday Masterclass


Closed Facebook group


Weekly focus


Weekly mini


One on one

2 x 30min one on
one planning

There is no:

Promise to blast away fat.

2-week meal plans or crazy diets

Telling you what you should / shouldn’t do.

Bootcamp exercises / programs

Feeling guilty because you have “fallen off your wagon”.

You will:

Achieve long-term weight loss without hunger

Experience life-changing results

Unlearn the stories that have kept you stuck

Go from overweight and overwhelm to in control and full of health

Enjoy Food Freedom


"My challenge was the first week. I thought I was going to starve. My major change was giving up sugar, I never thought I could. Also fasting, making sure I eat protein and reading labels."



“By the end of the challenge, I had lost 8kg and learned a lot about how different foods can affect both your mind and body and which foods to avoid. Doing this challenge as a group was great to have support and motivation. I have grown heaps, less stressed, braver, more assertive. I am in a good place in my head.”



“The friendships made with the other ladies helped when I struggled which we all do sometimes. Again, I highly recommend Jodi’s program, if you choose to join you will not regret your decision.”


Take the first step

Take the first step

So, if like the people above, you want to break the diet & fitness rollercoaster and give yourself the gift of improved eating habits, energy, better sleep, and knowledge to make choices because you want to not because you should then it’s time to take the first step.

This is not a diet- It is creating your new and improved lifestyle living with food freedom.

It’s your time for You.

Are You ready to find a Healthier & Happier You?

Re-set YOUR Health in the Right Direction!

Need more information or want a chat first?



"I was sceptical and thought ‘let’s see how long I last?’ Surprisingly it’s been really easy, so I have been pleasantly surprised. I found it to be freeing, my decision making is more conscious instead of being on autopilot. What I liked the most was that it was not completely focused on food. It was holistic."



“…everything is so much easier. Meal planning, wearing clothes and sleeping. Jodi puts new information up regularly and covers a wide range of topics.”



“I would recommend anyone to open their minds to a new way of thinking about food. This program certainly does that. It is a whole life approach to total-wellbeing for your body and your mind. It has helped me to become a better (and leaner) version of myself.”