Your Workplace

Keep your employees healthy, engaged, and boost business performance

Do you want to increase productivity, reduce staff absenteeism, and attract quality employees?

Your staff are whole people with lives outside of work- their personal lives, physical and mental health impact the way they show up at work- productivity, culture, and client interaction.

Providing a wellness program will give them the skills and knowledge that will directly improve their health, happiness and in turn their productivity.

Statistics show that healthy and happy employees are more productive and build a positive team culture.

With increasing pressures of flexible work hours, finding a work / life balance and juggling family it is no wonder burn out and stress continue to rise. Many people begin to neglect their own health and find themselves creating poor habits that impact negatively on their health. Often it is not until there is a crisis that people make changes. What if we could intervene and make changes before it’s too late?

Benefits of Prioritising Health & Wellbeing

Incorporating a health and wellbeing plan or program in your organisation is a must in your overall business strategy and will help you and your employees stay ahead of your competitors. In the long-term workplace wellbeing can make or break a business. This is an opportunity for business owners to create a real difference for their team.

Workshop Topics

Nutrition - Pitfalls of sugar, vegetable oils and processed foods

Healthy snack and meal planning strategies

Immunity – simple foods & practices to boost immunity

Benchmarks to metabolic health - avoid the causes of chronic disease

Healthy Habits – the importance of focusing on a system for sustainable results

Sleep health – impact on weight, stress & mental health, strategies to improve quality of sleep

Stress Less - effects, mindfulness, strategies, and reframing techniques

Exercise and posture – movement for health, posture in the workplace

Mental wellbeing – rewiring the brain to reduce stress, overwhelm & anxiety

Pillars of Health to create a Healthier & Happier You

Or incorporate a topic to suit your workplace

Workshops to suits your business & staff needs

Our workshop options are flexible and can be delivered in person or via Zoom.

  • 1 x 90min workshop
  • 2 x 90min workshops
  • One to one health & wellness coaching (4 – 8 sessions)
  • 30 day Team wellness challenge
    • 1 x 90min workshop
    • Day 15 - each member has a 30min one on one Zoom coaching call
    • 1 x 90min workshop
  • 8 week Healthy Living program
    • 8 x 40min weekly sessions - Zoom or in person
    • Giving staff the skills to make sustainable health changes

Wellness Workshop Benefits

Improve diet & nutrition

Provide insight to how food can improve your energy and mood

Prevent causes of chronic disease and illness

Practical tips to implement now

Build mental & physical resilience

Prevent absenteeism and improve productivity

Show employees they are cared-for and valued

Get in touch

To find out more or to tailor a workshop or program to suit your needs please contact us.

What Jodi's clients say about working with her

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for our sessions. You have definitely helped me in seeing and reacting to things in a different light. You have also taught me how to make certain changes which has helped me in a positive way in not only my business but also in my personal life. I love our chats and feel that I get something different out of each session. I will definitely be recommending you to my family and friends. Thanks again!

Jen Nelson

I have been having some coaching sessions with Jodi over the past few months and I’m grateful and inspired by the knowledge that Jodi has shared thus far. She has helped me to make positive changes both in the way I think about things around me and also to trust myself to make different choices to achieve a better me! This experience has really opened up mind and Jodi’s guidance has been invaluable.


After finding Jodi on a recommendation from a friend, and needing some guidance for myself on my business, I signed on with Jumpt Coaching. My expectations have been met and so much more, As it goes with anything we do, it comes back to personal experiences and Jodi having the ability and flexibility in her experience to guide me forward while helping me work through past trauma has had me soar forward in my life and my business, breaking down barriers I have held onto along the way!