Meet Jodi

Jodi is a Health & Wellness Coach, living in Ocean Grove, Victoria

"My passion is helping people use real food and mindset to take control of their health and ultimately their life."

Jodi's Story

Jodi is a wife and a mother to three children now in their 20’s. When she finished school, she spent a year living in Minnesota, USA as an exchange student. Upon returning home she obtained work with one of the major Banks where she experienced various roles over 14 years.

"After coming home from the USA as an exchange student I found myself indulging in bad eating habits that saw me gain some weight. I felt miserable and disgusted with myself every time I ate food that I promised myself the previous day not to eat. I was in constant battle with myself for many years."

"I lost the weight when I was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease. Fortunately, I was able to recover quickly once diagnosed and changed some of my eating habits that kept the weight off."

"A few years later I was living a busy life. Married, working in Melbourne, commuting an hour and a half each way and studying 4 nights a week for an Associate Diploma in Business Accounting. All was going well until I was struck down with a virus that later developed into Chronic Fatigue."

"This was a challenging time for me as there is no specific test or course of action to take for a cure. Constant fatigue, feeling like I had not slept for days, difficulty at work, memory loss, brain fog and cold and flu symptoms that would not go away; achy muscles, blocked nose, itchy throat & ears."

"I was lucky to find a great GP who was also into alternative medicine who helped me overhaul my diet and introduced the use of vitamins. This is where I became interested in the role food plays in our general wellbeing. Within 6 months I was a different person and my husband & I were able to travel overseas for 3 months. My time with Chronic Fatigue, although mild compared to some, has taught me to appreciate and be grateful for good health & fitness."

"I realised that our mindset and our self-talk is a major contributor to how we feel, how we interact with others, the decisions we make and the way we respond to situations – good or bad."

"Realising this, combined with a passion to help others, I am now on a journey of continual self-development and study of nutrition, human behaviour and functional exercise."

What I do

I work with you on a one to one basis where I help you become aware of your language, your beliefs and values. I provide a space for you to learn, grow and connect to your inner confidence and passion.

I will give you the time and space to reflect, explore and grow. I will challenge you, support you and ask you questions that will give you a new way to view your world around you. You will feel more present, be more confident and centred, embrace challenges and live your life with more abundance.

My weight management and fitness background also allows me to offer advice on diet and exercise. Making small shifts in beliefs and values will result in effortless decisions with diet and exercise.

If one to one is not for you, then I have a successful 12 week program that runs 3 times per year. Education, Accountability and Support. This is an online, interactive group-based program incorporating education around the impact of food, sugar addiction, sleep, and stress management. We meet online twice a week, plus you get 2 habit planning sessions with me.

If you are local, you can join one of my many group exercise classes. These are for all fitness levels and designed to be challenging, fun and safe. Most of us are not out to break Olympic records – it’s about improving and maintaining strength and fitness to feel good and enjoy any leisure activities we want to experience with friends and family. Most importantly it’s about fun, feeling included in a group and making friends.

Jodi's mission is to provide a holistic approach to helping others Elevate their quality of life and happiness.

With awareness, education and support people gain knowledge and skills that allow them to see beyond their current thinking and become confident and healthy for life.

Many of us are looking for answers from people and things outside of us. The new job, a promotion, weight loss, the latest gadget, acceptance from others etc. Really what we are looking for is already within us. We are not broken and do not need to be ‘fixed’. We don’t need a 5 step program or a fancy meal plan. We already have the answers we are looking for; we just need help to look within.

Health – Mind & Body, is the foundation to enjoying relationships and creating a life full of love, happiness, and fulfilment.

Our Mind is an integral ingredient to good health.

And that begins with nurturing ourselves with food, exercise, and healthy self-talk.
I work with people to help them get clarity around what is really important to them. I help them become aware of unresourceful food, habits, judgements and thinking so that they can tap into their inner strength and wisdom. Here is where change really begins.


  • Nutrition Network Advisor (Nutrition Network)
  • Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment (Nutrition Network)
  • Cert IV Weight Management (Onfit Training)
  • Diploma of Life Coaching (TCI)
  • NLP Advanced Practitioner
  • Diploma of Fitness (VFA Learning)
  • Diploma of Management
  • Associate Diploma of Business Accounting
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Les Mill Pump Instructor
  • Kettlebell & Battle ropes Instructor (FTI)
  • Boxing Instructor